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Video reel is a tour operator that offers trips for traveller that look for a direct contact with nature, the local population and the sighting of undiscovered sites without renounce a charming trip in Italy or Spain. The Sustainable Tourism in its most pure sense is a sector of tourism that looks to obtain a general orientation of place and local culture, while helping at generate occupation and conservation of the ecosystems. We try to propose those accommodation and activities that follow this aim. There are no invasive structures in our network. Thus, the alternative accommodations are Bed&Breakfast, Agriturismo and Country houses immersed amongst nature, mostly reconstructed from an old building, and many produce biological products. Our aim is to let you know the lifestyle and traditions of the Italian and Spanish local culture, in order to create a familiar environment where you will never feel a foreigner, but a friend. Director: Riccardo Marchese A.D.: Claudia fiorentino 2018

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